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Mindfulness At The Garden

From infants to kindergarteners, the use of mindfulness is an evidence-based technique aimed at helping children regulate their emotions and practice peaceful problem solving. Helping children develop an awareness for their internal emotional states helps them to use words instead of fists...
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Roots Of The Garden

The Children's Garden was incorporated in 1988 by a local family in pursuit of quality childcare. Disappointed by the poor selection of nurturing environments for their young daughter, the couple found most programs to be lacking the individual, loving touch personalized childcare should emanate. After the birth of their second child, they proceeded to open what has become one of Portland's most loved and adored early childhood learning centers.
Now, after developing three centers and more than 25 years later, The Children's Garden is still mastering the fine art of childcare. It takes time, patience, motivation and passion to keep up with today's ever-changing educational needs of children, ensuring that each and every aspect of a program is in the best interest of a child and their growth patterns. Constant attention to detail and willingness to embrace new educational avenues is a must!
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